Data Privacy for CashDay App, Updated: 20.11.2023

This Data Privacy Statement is applicable to the offering and utilization of the "CashDay" app (hereinafter referred to as "CashDay") on your mobile device.
When utilizing CashDay, we will collect, process, and use personal data. As safeguarding your privacy during CashDay usage is of utmost importance to us, we aim to inform you about the specific personal data collected during CashDay usage and our handling of this data.
You can access this Data Privacy Statement at any time on

Collection and Use of Your Data
By using CashDay, I hereby agree that CashDay may collect the following personal data:

  • Installed apps (including usage duration and history)
  • Registration data (age, gender, email address, IP address, GAID)

This data is linked to your device through the device ID (GAID or IDFA) transmitted to our servers in encrypted form. To facilitate the financing of our app proposals by app providers, your device ID must be shared with them for billing purposes. To measure usage time and installed apps, users can voluntarily upload screenshots from their mobile phones via CashDay. These screenshots are automatically processed, evaluated, and stored in our system for your membership.

The processing of the mentioned data is essential to suggest apps available in CashDay that align with your interests, propose their installation through system notifications, and calculate bonuses earned from using these apps. I am aware that the resulting data forms an interest profile, which, based on the type of apps I use, may include particularly sensitive personal data (such as health data or data regarding my sexual orientation), as well as any other data from special categories defined in Article 9, paragraph 1 of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If necessary, a selfie is required (only with bonus payment).
I understand that, for fraud prevention reasons, bonuses earned through CashDay will only be possible after additional user verification via a selfie taken with my device's camera when I initially request a bonus. My consent to the processing of my personal data extends to the processing of these photos. I acknowledge that selfies are also considered special-category personal data per Article 9, paragraph 1 GDPR, and expressly consent to the described processing.

Information about Withdrawing Consent
The withdrawal of your consent and termination of CashDay usage is possible at any time with future effect and can be sent to CashDay via email at [email protected]. Upon consent withdrawal, your data will be deleted from the CashDay database. If deletion is not possible, the processing of your data will be restricted instead of being deleted. Further use by CashDay is no longer possible after the withdrawal of your consent.

Registration/Setting Up a User Account
To utilize all functions of CashDay and particularly benefit from bonus payments, you must register for CashDay by setting up a user account. Registration is intended to provide CashDay services and calculate bonuses generated by you.
During the registration process, we will collect and store additional personal data about you for the creation of a customer account, if necessary. This includes (if not already collected and stored as per the above steps) the following information:

  • Payment data: Email address of a PayPal account or details for other supported payment providers by CashDay.
  • Selfies: For fraud prevention reasons, bonuses earned through CashDay will only be possible after additional user verification via a selfie taken with your device's camera when you first request a bonus. We use these selfies exclusively for fraud prevention purposes and to ensure that bonuses are not earned through automated, fraudulent software use. For this purpose, a photo ("selfie") is saved when your face is recorded using your device's camera. We use the recording to create an individual and anonymous digital user ID (in the form of a hash value) that is not linked to your account and is used to check whether the bonus has been earned by a real person and whether this person has already requested or received a bonus with another account. We will not use the selfies for any other purpose. For reasons of data economy, this is only necessary if you want to receive bonuses. If you do not wish to receive bonuses, you can fully use CashDay without providing any selfies.
This data is processed based on the consent you have given (see above) and is used to fulfill the contract for your use of CashDay. If you do not provide this information or data, you may not be able to use CashDay at all or only to a limited extent and will not be eligible for any bonus payments.

Use Data
Data Processing for the Recommendation of New Apps
To recommend other apps participating in CashDay based on your current app preferences, a list of currently installed apps on your end device, as well as apps you have already installed (but uninstalled) in the operating system on your end device, including a usage history of all these apps, will be sent to us during the installation of CashDay.
To understand your long-term preferences and continue offering you interesting apps, after the installation of CashDay and continuously during its use, CashDay will automatically recognize other apps installed by you on your end device. The name of each newly installed app will be sent to us.

Additionally, we will log data about the use of apps running in the foreground of your end device and the temporal extent of the use (date, time, and duration of the use of all apps).
For logging the use data within CashDay, we measure the so-called "customer journey." Each click or keystroke within CashDay will be logged and linked to your profile or stored on the server.
The processing of this data is based on the consent granted by you (see above) and serves to perform the contract for the use of CashDay by you.

Data Processing for the Calculation of Bonus Payments
We also use data about your use of apps running in the foreground of your end device to calculate the bonuses generated by you, if you have obtained and installed these apps via CashDay. For this purpose, we also log and use data about your purchases of services and virtual items within the framework of the apps used by you (in-app purchases), and about relevant in-app occurrences relevant for the calculation of the bonuses, such as level increases.
The processing of this data is based on the consent granted by you (see above) and serves to perform the contract for the use of CashDay by you.

Use Data about the End Device Used by You
To identify you beyond doubt during CashDay usage and allocate you for the purpose of recommending new apps, and calculating and paying bonus payments, we store additional data about the use of CashDay and the end device used by you. This includes the so-called Google Advertiser ID ("GAID" for Android) and the so-called Apple Identifier for Advertisers ("IDFA" for Apple iOS), the Widevine ID, the model and product name of your end device, the version of the operating system, the browser type used and its display resolution, as well as the IP address allocated to your end device and information about when which content from our offering was accessed, the names of the files requested, and their dates and times of access. We require this data to determine the content requested by you (e.g. text, images, games, and product information, as well as files provided for download, etc.), to enable the offering of our services in accordance with the terms and conditions of use, and for the optimal display of CashDay on your end device. To facilitate the financing of our app suggestions, app providers must be sent the device ID for billing purposes.

The processing of this data is based on the consent granted by you (see above) and serves to perform the contract for the use of CashDay by you.
If our server logs also automatically log your IP address, this will take place solely for the purpose of guaranteeing the security of our systems or for fraud prevention, and the IP address will be automatically erased after 30 days at the latest.

Contact Section
In the contact section of the app, you can contact us via email using our contact form. Your email address will thereby be collected by us. You can decide yourself which data you provide to us within the framework of the contact.
In this case, we will only use your data to respond to your query.

Storage Duration of Your Data
We will only store your personal data for as long as we need it for the performance of the contract on the use of CashDay, for the fulfillment of your wishes, or for our legitimate interests for the purposes of which we have logged your personal data, or for as long as is permitted or required by law:

  • For as long as you participate in the use of CashDay, we will store and process your personal data for the duration of your use of CashDay until you end it or request that we erase your data.
  • For as long as you set up a user account for our services, we will store and process your personal data for the duration of your use of CashDay until you terminate it or until you request that we erase your data. The selfies we use for user verification will not be used by us for any other purposes, and we will delete them four weeks after your bonus has been disbursed.
  • If you have agreed to the use of your email address for marketing purposes, we will store your email address within our mailing database until you deregister or request that we erase the data, or by the end of a period of inactivity (no interaction with us for a maximum duration of 18 months).
  • If you send us a query, we will process your personal data for the duration of the processing of your query.
  • When we no longer require your personal data, we will erase it from our systems and records, or anonymize it so that it can no longer be identified.
  • We can retain certain personal data to comply with our statutory and regulatory obligations and to enable us to manage our rights (e.g. the assertion of our rights in court), or for statistical purposes.

Security Measures to Protect the Data Stored by Us
We are committed to protecting your privacy and treating your personal data confidentially. Your data will be stored in our databases, which are only accessible to us and employees specifically trained in data protection.

If we utilize support from third-party service providers processing your data on our behalf to provide our web services, we ensure that they adhere to the strict conditions of this Data Privacy Statement, and that the use of your data beyond the cases described in this Data Privacy Statement will not occur. All contractors, service providers, and their employees are extensively subject to our instructions and are also legally obligated to observe, and trained in, the protection of your data.

To prevent the loss or misuse of the data stored by us, we implement comprehensive technical and organizational safety precautions, regularly reviewed and adjusted to meet technological advances. If it is within our sphere of influence, we use modern encryption techniques and various other measures to prevent unauthorized access by third parties.
However, we would like to highlight that due to the structure of the internet, data protection regulations, and the security measures of other entities not within our responsibility may not be observed. Data transmitted in a non-encrypted form can be read by third parties, even if sent via email. We have no technical influence on this occurrence. In these cases, it is the user's responsibility to protect the data provided against misuse through encryption or other methods.

Your Rights as a Data Subject
As a data subject in the data processing by CashDay, you have the following rights:

Information, Restriction of Processing, and Erasure:
Within the framework of applicable statutory provisions, you have the right at any time to obtain free information about the data stored about you personally, its origin and recipients, and the purpose of data processing. On presentation of the respective prerequisites, you may also have the right to the rectification of incorrect data, the restriction of processing, and the erasure of data.
Withdrawal of Your Consent to Data Processing:
Some forms of data processing are only possible on the basis of your explicit consent. You can withdraw consent already given at any time. The legitimacy of data processing carried out until the withdrawal will remain unaffected by the withdrawal.
Right to Data Portability:
Regarding the data that we process automatically on the basis of your consent or in the performance of a contract, you generally have the right to access it yourself or have it provided to a third party in a customary, machine-readable format. If you require the direct transfer of this data to a third party, this will only take place if this is technically possible with reasonable effort.

If you have questions or comments about the handling or use of your personal data, require information about the personal data stored about you, or wish to exercise your rights, you can contact us by sending an email to [email protected]

Third-party Services
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